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RJRC is a place for research to drive real-world change, improve outcomes, and promote equity and justice.

To support interdisciplinary research on restorative justice to improve outcomes and address inequities in the US criminal legal system. 

  • Foster connections and creativity amongst researchers

  • Bridge the research-practice gap

  • Grow the next generation of restorative justice researchers


To supporting interdisciplinary research on restorative justice to improve outcomes and address inequities across systems and settings.

The RJRC provides a platform for advancing and sustaining restorative justice research. Our initiatives, events, and resources combine synergistically to:

  • Serve as an interdisciplinary academic research community for restorative justice researchers with attention to mentorship and national and international collaboration.

  • Support a resource center to ground an informed research agenda and for compiling, summarizing and assessing knowledge about restorative justice research and related topics.

  • Expand knowledge and application of rigorous research methodologies that embody restorative justice values such as community-engaged research, mixed-methods, implementation science, and other pragmatic approaches. 

  • Advance equity in the research process with attention to access, context, social impact/accountability and diverse perspectives

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